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Remodeling FAQs: 5 Methods For Disposing Of Old Stoves

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If you have recently upgraded your kitchen and replaced your stove, chances are good that you have an old stove laying around in your home or garage. If it isn’t being used, it’s just taking up valuable space for items that you do use. Fortunately, you can get rid of your stove easily. How? Here are five ways to dispose of your old stove—whether it’s in working condition or not: 1. Donate It If your stove is in good condition and is still usable, you might want to consider donating it. While you won’t profit from donating it, you can get a decent tax break—as long as you itemize your returns, just make sure you get the receipt. Even if you don’t gain anything from donating it, you can still feel good as you are giving back to your community. If you do plan to donate, make sure you give the agency a call ahead of time. You might need to schedule the item for pickup. In some cases, you might be responsible for transporting the item. So it’s a good idea to call ahead so you know all the details when it comes time to donate. 3. Put It Up For Sale Another option you have for disposing your old stove is to sell it. Even if it isn’t in working condition, you can often sell old appliances for parts. While you might not make much money, it’s a really convenient way to get rid of old appliances. Oftentimes, buyers will come to you; so you won’t have to spend time and money transporting the appliance to its new location. 4. Sell Parts To Repair Shops You might also be able to sell the parts of the stove to a repair shop. If your stove is old or rare, a repair shop will likely pay to have these working parts. So just give repair shops in your town a call and see if they are interested. If they are, you can negotiate a price and transport conditions. 5. Scrap It Finally, you could scrap your old stove for the metal. Whether it is in working condition or not, many recycling centers will take old appliances in and recycle them for their metal. You might even be able to get cash for this. Just make sure you call ahead so you know what to expect. As you can see, there are many ways to dispose of old stoves—and other appliances. So if you need to get rid of an appliance, consider using one of these five methods to get rid of it. You might even be able to make a quick buck off of...

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Adding Personal Flair To Your First Place With Careful Interior Design

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Decorating your first place is no easy feat, especially when you really want it to represent who you are. The goal of interior design is to create a living space that showcases your style but still feels relaxing and comforting when you come home. Here are a few tips to help you create the environment you’re envisioning for your new home. Find A Focal Point One of the first things you should do when you’re deciding how to design a room is to settle on a focal point. Whether there’s a fireplace in the room that draws your eye or a large picture window that you want to call attention to, anything of that sort can serve as an existing focal point. If the room doesn’t have anything of this sort, you can create a central point of focus with your decorating purchases. Invest in a piece of artwork, a bold area rug or a sculpture that can draw the eye. Be Choosy About The Furnishings When you’re shopping for furniture for your place, prioritize function over form. Think about the way that you’ll use the room and consider how the furniture will contribute to that. If you have furniture already that isn’t as functional as you’d like it to be, consider repurposing it to another part of the house or getting rid of it altogether. Choose pieces that are properly sized for the space and that work well for the environment you’re looking for. As an example, you don’t want to invest in stiff, high-backed chairs for a game room or reading nook. Consider Your Lights Carefully Opt for a variety of lights for your space. You’ll want to look for some overhead lighting that casts ambient light as well as accent lights on the outer perimeter of the room. You can also add some lighting contrast by installing some track lights or floor-mounted spotlights. Showcase Your Personality Once you’ve addressed the practical part of the interior decorating process, it’s time to showcase a little bit of your personality. You can invest in throw pillows, pictures and other decorative items to spotlight your personality. Consider small pieces like bookcases or movie racks if you’re an avid reader or film buff. You can also install glass display cases to show trinkets and other collectibles. Making your new home your own takes more than just moving in. If you’re not confident in your artistic flair, consider working with an interior designer like City Centre Interior Contractors Ltd who can help you create and realize a vision that makes the whole place...

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Dress Up Your Yard With Decorative Concrete

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Most people think of concrete as a flat, dull slab. While there are plenty of examples of concrete meeting this description, there is much more to concrete than this would imply. Modern contractors have several tools at their disposal, which will allow you to inexpensively dress up your yard with concrete.  Texture Textured concrete can be used for patios, retaining walls, or even for the interior walls of a home. Contractors can use stamps or other specialty finishing tools to create a variety of textures for a slab of concrete. For example, if you want to mimic the look of pavers, the contractor uses a stamp with the paver pattern you desire to imprint the design right into the concrete. Using wooden planks in the forms used to pour a wall will imprint the wood grain right into the concrete. And special forms can help to make a concrete retaining wall mimic the look of a wall made from rocks or even railroad ties.  Color While texture can help to add depth, you still have to contend with the drab aesthetic of concrete. There are two ways to add color. For one, the concrete supplier can mix color right into your concrete. This will create a color that will endure even if your slab sustains some damage down the road. You can also add color to an existing slab by using an acid stain. The chemicals used in such a stain will actually change the color of the cement rather than resting on the top, so they too should create durable color.  Shotcrete If you want to add a grotto to your swimming pool, or create a natural-looking climbing wall in your living room, shotcrete will allow you to get rid of the forms and create any sort of undulating surface you desire. Workers start with a mesh skeleton that is designed to create whatever shape you desire. They then shoot a special mix of cement over this structure. In this way, you should be able to create whatever sort of structure you can imagine.  The techniques described above allow you to use concrete for more than just the foundation of your home. If you have a special vision for your home but want to keep your costs down, then you should talk to a concrete contractor to learn more about how to use cement around your home.  You can learn more about concrete construction by Foothills Concrete Construction Ltd and other companies by researching professionals in your...

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Glass Railings Can Be An Important Part Of Your Business’ Interior Design

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If your business has spent a lot of time and thought into designing a pleasing environment that people will want to look at and you have stairs and multiple levels, you want to make sure that your customers can actually see that hard work. There are several ways that you can do that. One of them is to use glass railings.  Glass Railings Glass railings aren’t the same kind of glass that is in your windows. That glass could be a little delicate for these purposes. You don’t want to have your customers break the glass, which could not only get people hurt, but could also end up costing you a lot of money in repairs. The glass is usually much thicker than the window glass and has been hardened so that it is very hard to break that glass. Another option with glass railings is to use a strong product like plexiglass, especially in a situation where people may be walking on it.  Benefits of Using Glass Railings One of the benefits of using a glass railing is that it can become invisible. You don’t have to worry about having to turn an unattractive railing into something that will work on your business’ interior design. You are also going to make sure that your customers and employees are safe when they are going up the stairs or on an upper level. The glass railings will also allow a lot of light into the area since there isn’t anything blocking the light from coming into lower levels that may not be able to get light coming in from the other levels.   Another benefit for using glass railings is security. Glass railings will allow you to see the people who are using your business. If you run a retail business, you can see the people who are shopping in your store which helps you keep shoplifting down. It will also let you see if anyone needs help. The glass railings will not block your view and will make sure that you have a full field of vision so your customers don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to get your attention to get help.  Making your business look very inviting and beautiful is important. You want to make sure that everything you put into your business fits into that aesthetic and doesn’t break it up in any way. Glass railings will let you have the railings you need without being overly intrusive....

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Warning Signs Indicating Your Foundation Needs Repairs

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Foundation damage is mainly caused by changes in weather patterns. Dry and wet conditions lead to constant changes in your foundation’s lateral pressure. As the soil contracts and expands depending on the water content, it will cause the foundation to wear and tear.  A damaged foundation compromises the structural integrity of your home and jeopardizes your overall safety. Nevertheless, it is not very easy to detect foundation problem early enough until the damage is too extensive. However, there are always early warning signs that your foundation has some underlying problems that must be fixed by an expert. Some of these signs are discussed below. Sticking door and windows If several windows in your house refuse to budge whenever you try to open them, this is a clear warning that there is a problem with the foundation. Additionally, doors and windows that suddenly stick on the frame without any explainable reason are cause for alarm. They are an indication that the foundation is shifting, causing the frames to do the same. The reason why the doors and windows stick is because this shift creates off-center slots that interfere with the frame alignment. You may notice that you have problems latching the door as the foundation slab has moved, causing misalignment of the frame. Cracks on the foundation Small cracks on the foundation are pretty common and usually occur during pouring of the initial concrete. If this concrete does not dry evenly, your foundation will have hairline cracks in numerous places. These are nothing to worry out. However, if you notice stair-step cracks along the masonry joints with cracks that are more than a quarter inch, you need to call in an expert. These are an indication that there is a water drainage problem in the foundation and must be fixed before they can cause further damage. Horizontal cracks are also an indication that you have serious foundation problems that need immediate attention and fixing. Floor problems If your floors suddenly become uneven, this is an indication that the foundation is slowly shifting.  Another telltale sign is large, unexplained cracks in the ceramic or vinyl tiles or wood. Due to the changes in the foundation, the once level floors start bowing to the lateral pressure, which is manifested as cracks.   Cracks in the brick If you notice any cracks on the mortar that is between the indoor and outdoor bricks, consider this is as warning that your foundation is in need of urgent repairs. Large cracks on mortar indicate separation in the brick structure, a problem that is attributed to a shift in the foundation. This is usually a serious structural problem that must be dealt with immediately. You must hire professionals, like those at Mcnabb Construction Ltd, to deal with any foundation repairs because they have the right equipment and expertise to deal with all the damages. These professionals will come to your house and inspect it thoroughly until they can detect the exact problem. Thereafter, they will carry out the necessary repairs, restoring the structural integrity of your house.  ...

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Charming Structural Ideas For Your Porch

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Your front porch provides guests with their first entryway into your home. It’s the only interior area really visible from the street. In fact, it’s a half-interior, half-exterior area. Whether your porch is screened in or opened up, the doors, windows and other architectural details associated with the space help it stay cohesive with your house’s facade. Design a porch that charms your visitors as they transition into your home. Victorian Curve Victorian homes often feature wrap-around porches. Because the space is so large, these wrap-around porches make a significant impact on the house’s façade. For this kind of porch, keep the railings and pillars light so the house’s walls and windows can show through. Likewise, utilize a detail such as a painted gable to highlight the entryway. When it comes to the windows, don’t be afraid to show some of the bright colouring typical of Victorian houses. Opt for multi-paned windows framed in colourful casings. Alternatively, choose pretty stained glass windows to frame a traditional wooden door. Southern Hospitality Many homes in the American South feature screened-in porches to keep the bugs out while enjoying the outdoors, which is a great idea for Canadian summers. If you’re planning on screening in your porch, keep it feeling like the outdoors with oversized windows. Casement windows open wide, making them a good choice for such a porch. However, consider folding glass doors as an alternative. These allow you to open up completely to the outside or protect your porch space from the elements. Either way, add design details such as pretty ceiling fans and pendant lights to so your screened-in porch feels inviting. Lightened Up An attractive porch is the same as any other room in that it needs natural light. Naturally your porch is covered to protect you from the elements. However, Better Homes and Gardens suggests having skylights installed to let in extra light. If they’re venting skylights, you can improve the air circulation in your porch as well. If this porch isn’t part of the front entryway, consider having glass-panel doors installed to further let light into your home. Classical Beauty If you have an historic or traditional home, you’ll want your porch to show a bit of classicism. Arches are one of the most elegant architectural elements. You can add arches with traditional pillars, or go a little bit more modern with floating arches between the posts distinguishing your porch area. Likewise, windows and doors are other likely places for the curves. One option is to top windows and doors with arched transom windows. Another idea is to have arched French doors installed. These pleasing curves will complement the design of your house’s façade. Windows, doors, gables and posts not only define your porch, they help drive the style of your home’s façade. For more information, contact a company like Howald Windows &...

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Did A Home Inspection Reveal A Worrisome Roof? Replace With Metal And Make A Great Investment

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If you recently purchased a home and the home inspection company said the roof wasn’t in good condition, you want to get it repaired or replaced before you have a mess on your hands. If you knew that there were roofing issues and you ignored them, or if you don’t have the roof inspected regularly, your insurance company could deny your claim later on when there is a problem. Instead of putting off the repairs, talk with the roofing contractor about getting new metal shingles put on. These could change your home in the following ways. Improve Efficiency The metal roof is a cool roofing system. It is great at keeping your heating costs low throughout the winter by keeping the heat in, and it keeps the house cool during the hot months by preventing UV rays from penetrating through the roof. This reduces your utility bills and conserves the life of your heating and cooling appliances because they don’t have to run as much. Protect Against Several Dangers Metal is fire resistant and gets the top fire safety rating. It is also impermeable to prevent leaks and water damage. This sturdy material is impact resistant to help protect the house if there are high winds or falling debris, and it also can’t be breached by pests. This robust material isn’t affected by weathering and is a great protector for your home. Boost Home Value When you update the home you are going to add value, and updating to a metal roof is making a great investment. The roof is going to prevent you from having to spend money on roofing accidents, and you are going to see a great return when you go to sell the house later on. It also makes the curb appeal better which is great for selling the house. If you don’t have the cash to pay for all of the expenses for a new roof upfront, find a roofing company that has a payment plan or financing option. You don’t want to wait until you have roofing damage to get the problems fixed, because repairing the damages and then replacing the roof could make the project even less affordable. Get a few different quotes to see what companies can work with your budget to have a new metal roof put  back on, and to see what companies will help you out by financing the project. To learn more, contact a roofing company like A-1 Professional...

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Why It Pays To Update Old Or Damaged Soffit And Fascia

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Whether you’re a homeowner that lives in an older home built using wood throughout or if you’ve noticed damage to existing soffit and fascia, making a simple and affordable change to these critical elements of your structure can make a big difference. Soffit and fascia are often overlooked aspects of your home, comfortably nestled between your high visibility facade and elegant roofing structures. But because your soffit and fascia provide more than just a bridge between building components, you need to understand why it pays to upgrade these old or damaged materials. Your Older Home Can Breathe Better Older homes often include soffit and fascia that are constructed from the building materials of the time, like wood or aluminum. Though these materials can lend beauty and architectural value to an older home, they can also be the cause of poor energy efficiency and high humidity indoors. Ventilation of your attic space is accomplished by the same protective duo that keep the elements and animals out of your home, and if you’re soffit and fascia aren’t composed of materials that can ventilate, you’re probably living with excess humidity and heat inside. Proper ventilation of your attic space can make a difference in your heating and cooling, as your attic provides a valuable source of venting from indoor areas to your exterior. If you’re current soffit and fascia aren’t permeable, or don’t breathe enough for your home to benefit from, you should consider updating them with materials like vinyl or UPVC. The Structure Counts On It Though your attic, and ultimately your home, depend on adequate ventilation through permeable soffit and fascia, your home also depends on these components for structural integrity. Fascia is the first place water will build up with ice dams, which can then leak into your soffit and interior of your attic space. As a connection point between your roof and building structure, your soffit and fascia determine what gets inside the home, whether it is melting snow, birds, bees, or leaf debris in high winds. So if you are living with damaged soffit and fascia, you could be contributing to more significant roof and structural damage than you realized. Curb Appeal and Maintenance Matter Old or damaged soffit and fascia are structural components that you should consider upgrading for both efficiency and structural needs, but you may also want to consider the curb appeal that new building products can offer your home. Newer products are not only more breathable, but they offer a durable and low-maintenance upgrade that can add curb appeal to your home. New soffit and fascia products can also effectively mimic the look of traditional wood and aluminum materials, but will stay strong under the same conditions without the need for painting or rust removal. For more information, contact companies like Metalworks Canada...

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3 Tips To Keep Employees Well-Hydrated On A Construction Site

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If you manage a construction crew, you probably know how hard your employees work. One thing that you might not know, however, is the risk of dehydration on your average work site. Construction workers typically work in all sorts of weather conditions, including when it is very hot or very dry outside. They also often work for hours on end without taking a break so that they can try to meet construction deadlines. This means that there’s a good chance that your employees are not drinking enough water when they are on the job, which is obviously very dangerous. If you want to prevent your employees from becoming dehydrated while they are working, consider these important tips. 1. Keep Water in Convenient Places Make sure that you have potable water delivered to every job site, every day if it is not already available. Then, make sure that the water is easy to access. You may want to set up drinking stations all throughout the job site. Then, those who are working in different areas will always be able to access water easily. 2. Provide Additional Flavors Although all that you are legally required to provide your employees with is safe drinking water, it’s a nice touch to provide a few other flavored drink options. There are some people who aren’t fond of drinking plain water, and employees who feel this way could get dehydrated from not drinking enough of the water that they just don’t like. Consider keeping a cooler on hand that is filled with sports drinks, for example, but make sure that you choose the ones that do not have caffeine. Another cheaper and more easily portable option is to offer the single-serve flavored powdered mixes that are designed to be mixed with water to add a little bit of flavor. 3. Talk to Your Employees It might seem as if everyone knows about the dangers of dehydration, but it can be easy for people to forget about such things when they are busy working. It’s a good idea to talk about the risk of dehydration and the importance of taking short breaks and having plenty to drink at your next meeting. Employees should know that you will not be upset with them for taking short breaks to drink water and stay properly hydrated throughout the workday. Dehydration can be surprisingly common on your average construction site. If you follow these tips, however, you can encourage your employees to drink more water so that they can stay safe. Click on this link to find out more about potable water in Fort McMurray or do an online...

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Top 5 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

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Your septic tank requires special care and maintenance to keep it working. Septic tanks are expensive to repair if they break, so it’s important that you know what steps to take to keep yours in good shape. Here are five septic tank maintenance tips: 1. Schedule septic tank cleanings and inspections. Routine inspections and septic tank cleanings will keep your tank in top shape. Your septic tank needs an annual inspection to check the sewage level. The plumber will also check for leaks and necessary repairs. Every five years your septic tank needs to be pumped and cleaned to prevent sewage buildup that can cause leaks and damage. Your septic tank may need to be pumped more often depending on your household water usage. 2. Be mindful of your drains. Pay attention to how much water goes down your drain. Water usage significantly impacts your septic tank. The more water you use, the faster your tank will fill. Cut down on the amount of water you’re using by taking shorter showers, using high efficiency appliances, and doing full loads of laundry or dishes. You should also make sure that the only thing going down your drains is water. Don’t flush tampons, pads, wipes, or anything that’s not toilet paper. Don’t put food or garbage in the disposal. 3. Keep the area around the tank clear. Keep the area above your septic tank clear. Don’t park cars, motorcycles, boats, or RVs on the spot above the tank. Heavy vehicles will weaken the supporting structures around the tank, which will cause leaks. You also need to cut down or clear trees or shrubs near the tank. Tree roots can grow in the pipes surrounding the tank and create blockages. If your yard is prone to flooding when it rains, you may want to consider installing gutters around the tank to direct water away. 4. Keep your tank in balance. Your tank needs a good balance of bacteria and microorganisms to stay in good condition. Bacteria help break down solid waste that can clog your septic tank. In order to keep the bacteria thriving, avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia to clean your toilets and showers. Many toilet bowl cleaners contain disinfectants that upset the balance of your septic tank. Look for cleaners that are safe for septic tanks. 5. Drain your pool or hot tub the right way. When summer is over don’t drain your pool or hot tub into the septic system. The excess water can overflow your septic tank and cause sewage to leak into your yard. The chlorine from the water can also kill the bacteria that your tank needs. Instead, use a pump and locate the pipe on your property that connects to the sewer. Drain the water into this pipe. These five tips will keep your septic tank in good shape and prevent costly repairs. Schedule a septic tank inspection today with Country Pump Out in Grande Prairie or with your local septic...

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